Friday, February 26, 2010

It's FRIDAY!!!

It's Friday and I get to wear jeans to school. I put the brakes on a couple of smartass freshman boys yesterday and got a nice clean floor out of the deal.

This is starting out to be a pretty great day. One of my two favorite English curmudgeons is on FoxNews right now (Stuart Varney) (the other one is John Derbyshire). I'm having a tall cuppajoe. And I loaded my Prokofiev CD onto my iPod last night. OH-- and I bought the Glee first season soundtrack on iTunes. That's what I'll be listening to during Art class today.


On a more humorous note, guess what? I've just had a MAJOR source of blogfodder added to my life.

I'm going to be the cheerleading sponsor next school year.

Karma is really weird sometimes, yanno?

Sis Boombah is going to be my new name. hehe

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