Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life's never quite what we expect, is it?

All week last week, Alice had been growing more and more listless. She was severely constipated and had no energy or appetite. Finally on Friday evening she could no longer stand unaided, and we felt it was severe enough to take her to the ER.

I decided it would be prudent to take her in to Children's Hospital in Dallas, since that's where she's participating in the drug trials for a new seizure medication and where all her doctors are. We arrived at the ER at about 1:30AM and began the mind-numbing wait for things to happen.

The nurses manually removed her constipation issues (those women deserve a huge bonus for having to do THAT) and one of the doctors on hand thought it might be a good idea to do an ultrasound of her belly, just to make sure she didn't have some kind of obstruction.

They also admitted her overnight for observation, just to make sure she was going to be able to eat and go to the bathroom.

Well, they saw something weird on the ultrasound. So they made her swallow a couple of bottles of lemonade with contrast fluid -- which took about four hours because she just didn't have any ability to eat or drink -- and then put her through the CT scanner.

Turns out, she has a massive tumor on her right ovary -- fills up her whole pelvic cavity. It is blocking intestinal movement, possibly even strangulating it somewhat, and causing her to be anemic. They've already given her two units of blood to try to combat the anemia, and the tumor is coming out tomorrow sometime.

They don't know yet if it's benign, but statistically most of these kinds of ovarian tumors are benign. They'll check it, obviously, and we'll go from there.

Tonight they're going to do another CT, this time on her chest cavity, just to be sure there isn't more going on elsewhere.

Mom came and brought me her laptop to use tonight, and Rick came and brought me a few essentials from home (like the cell phone charger! hallelujah!), so we're all set. She's in the best place she could be to deal with stuff like this.

Alice, in her hospital bed.

Here, she's getting a unit of blood... B Positive, appropriately enough! Alice's personal message to the world (Be Positive!) also happens to be her blood type.

Thanks for all your prayers as we deal with this new curve ball in her life. She's dealing with it very well, and I'm in good spirits too. Might as well be, right? I'll let y'all know via my Twitter feed whenever there's new news.

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