Monday, January 04, 2010

Bundles of joy

Phyllo Mushroom Bundles

You are NOT going to believe how good these are. I decided I'd give phyllo a try after I read this recipe, and I was not disappointed.

Neither was my husband, who declared, "You can make these anytime you like, but just make sure you make enough for both of us."

Holy cow, they are tasty. I used baby portabella mushrooms, garlic and basil, and I left off the parmesan just because I didn't really feel like adding it.


It's the first thing from Pioneer Woman that I've actually made. I still read her blog, even though I hate her and am insanely jealous of her.

The house is now redolent with garlic and portabella and toasty buttery flaky stuff. You wish you lived here.

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