Friday, December 11, 2009

Other stuff

This has been a pretty heavy "art" week for me, personally... not only have I been in overdrive trying to come up with a portrait of this woman that doesn't suck, I've also been producing Christmas cards for my co-workers to go along with the little gifts I got for them. The one above was done using torn paper that I had painted in the colors I wanted. It's only about 3.5" x 5" or so, pretty small stuff. Makes a nice little card size though. I just make them like postcards and write on the back rather than try to do a folded card.

I got this totally awesome Christmas card in the mail from MaggieKatzen today; I need to scan it and show y'all just how cute it is. It's a watercolor painting of a kittycat's paws grabbing an ornament ball, done in a primitive style. Totally perfect and totally appropriate. The kittycat is even a mackerel tabby, a coat pattern which both MaggieKatzen and I are both inordinately fond of.

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