Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sooners cake balls

I adapted a recipe that I found over at TastyKitchen... instead of just a chocolate cake, I made a red velvet cake, let it cool, crumbled it up into a bowl and mixed cream-cheese frosting into the crumbs (I put red food coloring into the frosting so it wouldn't detract from the lovely red color), then rolled it up into pingpong-ballish-sized lumps and put them into the freezer to set up.

Then I melted some almond bark... did you know that you really should try to be careful not to let the almond bark get too hot or it seizes up instead of melting? It's true. Anyway, I melted some butter-flavor Crisco into it to get it to relax so I could use it for dipping, since I really couldn't make a trip back to the store. It was grainy, but at least it still worked and still tasted just fine.

I dipped each of the chilled balls of cake/frosting into the almond bark and set them onto parchment and put them back into the freezer. Then I melted some white chocolate chips and put a blob of white chocolate on top of each ball.

So anyway, they're not beautiful, but they ought to taste pretty darn good. Kind-of like my OU Sooners this year. They don't look much like champions, but they're still pretty great. These OU Sooner crimson-and-cream cake balls will be yummy.

We're heading up to OkraHoma tomorrow to my grandma's at the retirement village where she lives. She always reserves the big meeting room for our Thanksgiving celebration because there's just so darn many of us, and she cooks for other residents as well as for all of us. We all try to bring one or two items along to add to the feast. I'm also going to make some sort of wild-rice concoction since I have some wild rice on hand that needs to be used up.

Pop and Mom won't be joining us at the big family get-together this year. Dad isn't feeling well, but the crazy fool is WORKING ANYWAY. Mom said his belly is still distended from the fluid, and I'm kinda worried. It's just weird to have Pop be all sick and infirm and stuff... it's just not HIM.

My sister and her husband will be doing Thanksgiving with some of his people, so we're making the family appearance alone. It's always fun to get together with the fam, but it'll be bittersweet this year without Pop. I'm hoping next year will be better.

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