Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Caturday!

On the prowl for bargains today!!

Actually, Martha and I have already hit the mall first thing this morning to pick up a few incidentals, and I'm back home. I have an appointment for a massage with my favorite masseuse Stacy at 2pm, and we're doing the big family photo thing at Mom's later this afternoon when my sister and her husband get back from Missouri. I dismantled the turkey carcass and threw it into the stockpot with some carrots, onions and garlic, and now it's simmering and filling the house with a lovely aroma. The weather outside is just too perfect -- it's due to change tomorrow, but today I am going to enjoy it. My Sooners are beating Oklahoma State at the moment, always a positive... really and truly, I don't think I could possibly come up with a single complaint today. It's just a good day. Hope y'all are enjoying your Saturday too.

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