Saturday, October 10, 2009

Western Day

It cracks me up that they have a "Western Day" spirit-day at Ballyhoo... for a large percentage of our student body, that would be typical clothing every single day.

I borrowed my dad's awesome hat and my friend Melanie's awesome belt and fabulous fringe-y chaps for the occasion. The boots -- well, they're all mine. Justin Ropers, made of ostrich. Very, very comfy. They're not the latest rage in cowboy boots, of course -- those would be the Ariat FatBaby or Crepe Sole boots. Martha wants some of those for Christmas, believe it or not. Cracks me up -- eventually, I suppose peer pressure wins out. Three years ago, when we moved here from Des Moines, she would've sooner died a painful slow death than wear COWBOY BOOTS.

But my Justins? I bought them used on eBay last year. They're serviceable, durable, and non-trendy. I'll never have people looking askance at me for wearing them around these here parts. I probably won't take them with me to NYC next month, though.

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