Sunday, October 04, 2009


I have what may be the worst headache I've had in several years. I'm pretty sure it's just a factor of the weather, hormones and allergies coming together into the perfect storm, but I am miserable. I'd sleep, but I'm not sleepy. I just hurt.

I have taken Sudafed and Excedrin. I know it isn't a caffeine headache because the only caffeine I ever get anymore is when I occasionally take Excedrin.

If the headache subsides at all, I'll blog later. I got some great photos this weekend.

UPDATE: My hearing is acting up pretty intensely now. I had forgotten that headaches are also a symptom of Meniere's, as well as the hearing anomalies. I was also dizzy this morning. This is a Meniere's thing. Yecch.

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