Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The birthday boy!

So yesterday was Isaac's tenth birthday. I told him we could go eat out somewhere if he wanted, and he said he wanted a steak at Texas Roadhouse.

That's my little carnivore.

Isaac's 10th birthday

We invited one of my teacher friends, Craig Gourley, and his wife Terresa and their two daughters Makayla and Emma (Makayla is in Isaac's grade at school). At TRH, when it's your birthday, they roll out a saddle and make you sit in it while they do a hearty "Yee-HAW!" in your honor. If it'd been me, I would not have wanted that, but I could tell Isaac really DID want the fuss, so I told our waitress it was his birthday.

Yesterday during the first day of school, I realized that my conference period fell during the same time that Isaac was eating in the cafeteria, so I toted my chopsticks and my bowl of soba and seaweed over to the caf and sat by him on his birthday. Then I stood up and did the Beatles birthday song for him. The students at Ballyhoo are accustomed to my antics and so were mildly amused at my singing and dancing, but not surprised.

I still can't quite believe he's a whole decade old now.

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