Monday, July 13, 2009

Hill Country Holiday

JoeMama and I are taking Isaac and Alice along for a road trip through the Texas Hill Country. Yesterday we drove through Glen Rose and stopped off to see the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant.

pix 003

The whitetail deer there are practically tame.

pix 002

pix 010

We landed in Lampasas at a motel called The Country Inn. On the office door we were greeted with this sign:

pix 013

I did not ask where the prayer meetings would be held.

And just beyond it, affixed to the front desk:

pix 014

No cussin', y'all. We ain't about to put up with them ugly words.

Our room was immaculately clean and quiet, if very spare. We don't have fancy requirements, so we were quite happy with this place, and the price was VERY right. I think Mom said it was fifty-nine dollars. Who gets a decent, clean, quiet motel room for that kinda dough anymore these days?

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