Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting ready

I'm getting geared-up for my next visit to Washington, DC. This time I get to bring along the Real Camera -- last time I couldn't bring it because it isn't mine, it belongs to the school district. But this time I'm going to a teacher workshop at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and they specifically request that we bring along a digital camera. Yay!!!

I will take my laptop along with me, since there's wi-fi access at the museum and at the place where I'll be staying, and I will share some of my experiences. I am really stoked about this workshop; it's going to be intensive and busy and I expect to come back with a LOT of good ideas about incorporating art into the entire high school curriculum at Ballyhoo.

I'm leaving a few days early and meeting my BFF there. I had to use up the last of my American Airlines airmiles by August 1 and I had enough for two round-trip tickets, so she's flying in and we're going to spend a couple of days together before school starts up again. She's the very best companion for a DC visit, since she lived and worked there back in the 90s.

Next time I come to DC, though, I'd really like to bring my kids and show them around. I'd like for Isaac to be just a tad older, though, and for him to have some idea of what we're looking at when we go. I'd also like to bring a group of students to DC and spend a week going through all the Smithsonians and Capitol Hill and the monuments and stuff.

But not this time. I have work to do, and there won't be as much time for wandering and sightseeing this time. There will be some, of course... I'll have The Camera, and it would be a travesty not to use it. Right?

And besides, there will surely be more opportunities for amusement, like seeing a guy walking around with the dry cleaning tag still sticking out of his shirt.

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