Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The art of laughing at a bloviating blowhard without him even knowing you're doing it

While riding the Metro in DC this past weekend, we were sitting in a seat and a couple of professional-types got on. The man stood right next to me and proceeded to yammer and name-drop politicians and policy-wonks as if he worked right alongside all them. I think he was showing off for his female counterpart.

I thought it was annoying to have to listen to him; most people on the Metro keep their own counsel and don't say much of anything.

And then Cindy noticed something that broke us both up. So I put the camera down and pretended to take silly pictures of myself, all the while surreptitiously changing the angle to include the item which brought us much sniggering and snorting:

Yep, that's a dry cleaning tag.

This photo was taken at the END of the work day on Friday. So this idiot walked around ALL DAY LONG and didn't have a single person at his workplace who liked him enough to inform him that he was WEARING HIS FARGIN' DRY-CLEANER TAG under the belly overhang.


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