Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The eyes have it

pix 114

My son's eyes just amaze me. They're nothing like mine; mine are just plain brown. But Isaac's are like gems. Rick's got greenish-brown eyes, too, but they're not quite this spectacular.

He is about to be ten years old at the end of next month. It seems like it could not have been a whole decade ago that all that was happening... being pregnant was awesome and I loved it so much. I wasn't ever sick, which helped, and it was just so exciting to anticipate the arrival of the little critter kicking around inside me. I felt pod-like, part of the universe's infinite and amazing creative processes.

I got to do it again very briefly when Isaac was about a year old, but it ended in an early miscarriage. I grieved hard; I wanted another baby so very much. Circumstances and health pretty much ended the prospects after that, though. If I were to find myself expecting today, I think I'd freak... babies are wonderful when you're young and energetic, but I'm forty-two and tired. LOL

I am so grateful that I got the one chance, though. I know so many who grieve the lack or loss of children and I do not take my gift lightly. Isaac has been a precious gift. And a pretty great kid.

pix 002

He's gonna kill me for posting this pic, but I revel in the knowledge that he's still my baby boy, even if he is nearly a whole decade old.

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