Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The only good skwerl...

The UK definitely has the right idea, y'all...

No more grey areas as cull is agreed
THOUSANDS of grey squirrels in Scotland will be trapped and killed under new plans drawn up by Scottish Natural Heritage.

The agency revealed details yesterday of a scheme aimed at protecting native red squirrels from the spread of their American grey cousins.

Under the plans, which will cost more than £1 million, trappers will target the animals in specific locations around Aberdeen, in the Borders and along a line from Angus to Argyll.

Scotland is home to 75 per cent of the UK's remaining red squirrels, which are at risk of extinction because of an influx of greys.

Grey squirrels, introduced to the UK from America in the 19th century, carry a disease that is deadly to the reds but leaves the greys unharmed. They are also larger, meaning they out-compete for food and replace the reds within 15 years even if they do not carry the disease.

And the best way to dispose of these vile interlopers? The Crock Pot, of course:

Squirrel pie demand helps fight to save reds

RISING demand for the delicacy of squirrel pie is helping the native red squirrels reclaim their Northumberland stronghold.
Pest controller Paul Parker, 45, has helped catch and kill more than 22,000 grey squirrels in the past 18 months – a rate of more than 200 a week. But rather than simply throw away the carcases of the grey invaders Paul sells them on, and many are being eaten in restaurants across the country as squirrel pie as the meat is increasingly being regarded as a delicacy. "I cannot personally get enough of these grey squirrels, people are eating them. "If I was getting a hundred, they would take a hundred each and every day, the demand is so high. "They are sold as soon as they hit the counter."

We need to follow their lead. This menace could be eradicated AND world hunger could be eliminated. It is a plan whose time has come.

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