Sunday, June 14, 2009

Once a science teacher, always a science teacher

Years ago, in a previous life, my mom was a Science Teacher. Even though she had to take a medical retirement thanks to a faulty ticker that got replaced, she is always a Science Teacher... always messing with little critters or plants or rocks and teaching us something in the process.

One afternoon a couple of weeks ago, in her front flowerbed, she interrupted a mama Texas Spiny Lizard before the little mama could completely cover up her nest of freshly-laid eggs. Mom did some research and found out that she could collect the eggs in a jar with some dirt and hatch them. So of course, she did. Because she's a Science Teacher and that's what Science Teachers DO:

According to her research and calculations, the eggs are supposed to hatch this week. We're all quite excited about the prospect of a couple dozen baby lizards! I'll post photos of them when they do finally emerge.

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