Monday, June 15, 2009

Dremel's a Dream!

I needed to trim the dog's toenails. It was time. And I absolutely hate trying to guess where, on her black toenails, is the best spot to clamp down. Hence I've avoided the task much longer than I should.

I was going to invest in one of those toenail grinder thingies that they advertise on TV, but a pal pointed out to me that Alton Brown only owns one uni-tasker, a fire extinguisher. Buy a cordless Dremel and you can use it for all the other stuff that you use a Dremel tool for.

[ding ding ding!]

What an idea! I looked at the Dremels, and the cordless Dremel was LESS expensive than the fancy doggy-version. What's not to love here? I bought it and just now used it on Bijou's toenails. It worked famously and she... well, she doesn't LOVE it... but she didn't plant her teeth into my finger or anything, so I know it didn't HURT her.

Dremel FTW, I do believe. ("FTW" is acronym-speak for "For The Win")

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