Friday, June 26, 2009

A bit of a culinary splurge

I don't often splurge, but I was craving some good sushi.


Can I just say that it was quite nice? Particularly the pale-colored sushi next to the bright red tuna. That was yellowtail, if I remember correctly.

The sushi roll was made with salmon skin. It was divinest splendor. And the little red globules are salmon roe. It was spectacular.

Not cheap, mind you. But spectacular.

I want some more of that yellowtail. Like, NOW. I'll never go back to plain tuna again after that. Well, I probably will, but I'll always be thinking of the yellowtail, and the tuna will probably be all like jealous and stuff.

And now, to punish myself for spending nearly thirty dollars on a meal for myself, I should probably fast for like three days or something. But it was SO worth it. As the old "Frusen Gladje" ice cream commercial back in the mid 1980s went, "I ate all the Frusen Gladje. And I'd do it again."

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