Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tea and photos

At the moment I'm enjoying a particularly lovely bit of sencha, or Japanese green tea, and processing the prom photos. This tea differs from the green tea I usually drink because the other kind is from China and is produced in a different method resulting in a different taste and aroma. The sencha is, for lack of a better descriptor, greener-tasting... literally more plant-like and natural. It's a nice change; I like both kinds very much, and it's fun to become more familiar with various teas and their individual characteristics.

I'm not even halfway done with the prom photos, but it's a task I enjoy, so it's not a problem. I think I know which dress was my favorite, but I still have to ask permission from the kids to post their photos. I could do it and blur their faces, but I don't want to -- they were so pretty.

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