Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The evolution of a garden, part the first

The cost of restoring the in-ground liner swimming pool in our backyard was prohibitive, both in the actual cost of the restoration AND in the cost to insure and maintain it. I wanted to keep it, but we just don't have the money. I also want a vegetable garden, and it just so happens that the pool is in the precise spot which would be perfect for a bright sunny garden. So we're having it filled in.

Notice Isaac on the far left... as any self-respecting little boy would, he wanted to be right in the thick of the action:

This stuff is hugely fascinating to him:

The dump-truck guy climbed into the uptilted truck to kick out the remaining bits of fill dirt, and I got him to smile and wave for me:

He and his dad are also probably going to be building us a new fence along the back and side of the house to replace the falling-down rotted mess that's currently there.

Tomorrow they'll finish with the fill dirt, then come in with real topsoil to finish it out. I'm already planning the garden: tomatoes, squash, green beans, blackberry vines along the back fence... it's all just so yummy I can't wait.

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