Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Water blessing

I realize that some folks are a bit over-blessed with rain, but here in North Texas, we're turble dry. I was sure glad today for the abundant, copious rain. Yes, the Weather Channel keeps texting me with flash flood warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings... but I'll take the warnings and pray for the folks in the flood plain. I hope they all got outta the way after the floods a couple of years ago, but when folks are desperate, they'll live anywhere.

And desperate is a pretty good description of how a lot of us are feeling right now, with the bad economy and the horrible taxes. We had to pay lots of penalties and extra crap because we had to pull money out of Rick's retirement just to live on this past year. It isn't how we wanted it to be, but we don't really have a choice anymore. The medical bills have literally killed us this year and we have nothing left. It was our choice to adopt special-needs kids, and neither of them was through the foster care system so we're not eligible for any kind of governmental assistance for their care. Nor do we really want governmental assistance. But a little governmental "step-asidedness" might help.

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