Friday, April 24, 2009

File this one under "Really?!?"

So we're having a peaceful class a couple of days ago during my third period, when all of a sudden one of my students ANSWERS HER PHONE IN CLASS. Just doesn't happen, peeps -- kids don't answer their phones. They text surreptitiously, yes, but they don't just answer their phones.

She answered her phone, then sat in silence and her face became as red as I've ever seen anyone's face become.

I was still so stunned that I just sat there. And so did she, without saying anything, and then she hung up. "Uh, Miss? Can Kaci and I be excused for a sec?" she asked. This is a student who NEVER causes trouble EVER, and the circumstances were just so unusual, I said yes. And the entire class watched the two of them walk out of the room.

Uproarious shrieks of mirth from the hallway... sixty seconds passed, and the two of them came back into the room.

Apparently, the male student I had just allowed to visit the bathrooms next door had realized too late that he had no access to toilet paper, and this girl was the only person in my classroom he had a phone number for, so he CALLED HER AND ASKED HER TO BRING HIM SOME TOILET PAPER.

When he re-emerged a few minutes later, I don't think anyone in the entire class stopped laughing for the rest of the period -- or even the rest of the DAY. This particular boy is extremely germ-phobic and couldn't just, well, go without. And he insisted he would've called his best friend out of a different classroom except that his best friend would've laughed and told him to use his shirt, and he just couldn't do THAT.

The occurrence was just so bizarre I didn't even have the presence of mind to take away either of their cell phones, something I really was supposed to do. I figure they weren't using them to cheat on a test, and it, well, WAS an emergency of sorts.

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