Sunday, April 26, 2009


I like the liturgy... there, I said it. I do. I like knowing that all over the world, people in Methodist churches as well as Presbyterian churches and Catholic churches and Lutheran churches are reading and studying and contemplating the same passages of Scripture that I am.

I also like the thing with the colors. You knew I would, of course, me being so color-oriented and all. But I like that each season or celebration has a specific color. Our choir robes are tattered and worn, but the little V-shaped stoles that we wear are reversible and come in four different colors to be used at specific times of the church calendar year.

And I like the way that two kids come in at the beginning of each worship service carrying candle-lighter thingys. The interim pastor talked to the kids today about why we do that, and it was really beautiful the way he talked to them. And they "got it." As well as the idea that at the end of the worship, the flames are carried out and that they are symbolic of the light of Christ in our hearts being dispersed and leaving the building, so to speak.

Isaac really likes being an acolyte (one of the kids who carries the flame in), and he also enjoys switching the PowerPoint slides back in the back. Yes, we have PowerPoint, even in a liturgical congregation.

The thing I really have had to work hard to overcome is my very real prejudice against the notion that Methodists can actually have a spiritual life and can gain something from church. I don't know why or how I acquired this prejudice, but it's been a real bear to overcome and I'm still working on it. These are some of the most spiritual and beautiful people I've ever known, and they're private about it rather than public. I like that.

The church committee in charge of such things has voted to increase my salary because I'm taking over the accompanist position in addition to my worship leadership duties. This is definitely an answer to prayer for our family. Also, someone anonymous once again donated food to our family. I am really, really grateful... beyond what words can express.

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