Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday bidness

I am under the gun to finish the yearbook cover design PRONTO... so I have to spend this afternoon at school working on it. I missed two days this week because of the bad weather, which threw off my whole schedule.

And to add to my angst, the camera ... THE CAMERA ... the REAL NIKON D80 WITH THE NIKKOR 18-200MM LENS... finally arrived at school this week. I had gotten approval to purchase a DSLR camera back in October, but there were issues with the purchase order and the place to order it from, yaddayadda, and we didn't get to place the order until last week.

Which means, this delicious, fantastic beast of a CAMERA is sitting there and there's SUNSHINE outside and I should be taking pictures with it. I've spent as much time as I could allow myself just dinking around with it, learning to use it. But the temptation is terrible! And I absolutely MUST finish that cover TODAY.

The agony!

On the headache front, I am still dealing with it. It really has to be hormonal; I can't imagine why it wouldn't go away when I take medicine for it otherwise.

What a day it is outside! GAH!

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