Sunday, January 04, 2009

From me to you

My hope for 2009 is that you might experience true peace... in your heart, in your family, among your friends, and even in our society... and that you will discover the source of this true peace, that it cannot be bought or conjured up or even fought for.

And I give you a humble smile, from a pale freckled middle-aged girl, because even in the midst of chaotic and often unpleasant family trials, I *can* smile.

I can smile because I have a supernatural peace in my heart.

How do I know it's supernatural?

Because it doesn't come from the approval of those I love (that's not always reliable), from my innate strength of character (ain't got it, never have!), or from material abundance (pshyeah, right).

I lay down and slept,
yet I woke up in safety,
for the LORD was watching over me.
I am not afraid of ten thousand enemies
who surround me on every side.
Psalm 3:5-6

Peace be with you... and you... and you... and you over there, too. Peace, and a nice nap from time to time. Thank you so much for your friendship and love and support.

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