Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's official

Martha's going to be checked in at a day-treatment facility affiliated with Children's Hospital in Dallas, starting on the first day of Christmas break. Since we will have to take her in every morning and be available for meetings and then pick her up and be available for meetings then too, they were gracious to schedule it so that I don't have to take time off from work. At least, not on the front end. If she's not completed the treatment by the end of break, I will have to take the time off then.

I met with her teachers and other school special-ed providers today for her annual ARD (Admission, Review or Dismissal) meeting. I requested that they administer a psych test to determine an eligibility for an "ED" label (meaning Emotionally Disturbed or something like that). She scores okay (not fabulously, just okay, but she's not mentally retarded) on IQ tests and on her Texas annual assessments, but her behavior is atrocious and she refuses to complete enough work to pass her classes. Her teachers' descriptions of her in-class behaviors is exactly the same as what we see at home.

When we have spoken to Martha about this day-treatment plan, she stiffens and declares she isn't going to do anything those stupid people tell her to do.

Pray that that's exactly what she does! They need to see just exactly what they're dealing with, and the sooner they get an accurate picture, the sooner we can adjust her meds appropriately and check back OUT of the center.

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