Thursday, November 06, 2008

Notice to the Republican Party

Unless and until a party espouses Authentic Ronald Reagan Conservatism™, I will not support it or its agenda.

I am finished with equivocating and aisle-crossing RINOs. I supported you, Mister Maverick, and you let me down time and time again. Now your scummy handlers have the NERVE to run down Sarah Palin. Excuse me?!?

You people do not know ANYTHING.


That hockey mom is who bought you that close race. McCain is a war hero, but he's not a conservative and never will be. I didn't even get excited until Palin came along, and even then I had to keep reminding myself that McCain is OLD and that he might just kick the bucket in office leaving Sarahcuda in charge.

I am henceforth a PUMA Conservative. Maybe I'm alone in this. That's okay. I'm tired of trying to appeal to all you roadkill moderates.

When a REAL conservative shows up, y'all let me know.

(RINO= Republican In Name Only)
(PUMA= Party Unity My Ass)

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