Wednesday, October 01, 2008

There's a new item on the school lunch menu!

Schoolchildren in north Cornwall will be given the chance to tuck into a dish of squirrel on Friday
Chef Gareth Eddy from Da Boes restaurant in Wadebridge (UK) will be giving the pupils a taste of the wilder and more unusual side of food preparation.

The Kids Cook School is part of the Boscastle Festival of Food Art and Crafts, which starts on Thursday.

"Squirrel is real food, it's readily available and it does taste good," said Mr Eddy.

"I can understand why some people might be a little squeamish, but when you think about it, there are an awful lot of grey squirrels around and many gardeners would be glad to be rid of them," said Mr Eddy, who will also be bringing along shark steaks, local venison and mussels.

Yummy! Now THIS is what they ought to be serving in the cafeteria. It's cheap and plentiful and nutritious... what's not to love?

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