Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thee boy, he ees seeeck

He spent the wee hours last night puking, then was fairly okay through the day. We put him to bed and he woke up with major vertigo and a low-grade fever and hallucinations (the monster was in the net and wouldn't go away).

So I get ANOTHER get-out-of-jail-free pass, since it appears that he and I will be up for a goodly portion of the night. He can't lie flat due to the vertigo. His head aches, his stomach aches. He's miserable and a little confused. He's sleepy but can't sleep because of the hallucinations.

This will be fun.

I've put him in the recliner in hopes he'll be able to sleep slightly upright.

If I had to guess, I'd guess that he has a virus affecting his inner ear, causing him to feel disoriented and spinny.

UPDATE: He's sitting upright now and singing along with a commercial. This bodes well.

UPDATE2: Not so fast. He woke up in a panic several times during the night. He IS sleeping soundly right now, though. I'm hoping it was just a passing virus and that I won't have to take him to the doctor.


UPDATE3, Monday noon: First sign of true perk-up -- I made myself some baked catfish for lunch and he came traipsing into the kitchen for a bite. He finished most of it himself. That was probably a very good choice; catfish is extremely mild and not the slightest bit fishy-smelling or fishy-tasting. Anyhoo, that's the first thing he's eaten in a day and a half.

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