Monday, October 20, 2008

And there's our answer

The institutional church decided to leave things the way they currently are, with a volunteer. I'm not surprised, and a little relieved in a way. I would've done it, but I'm not disappointed that we're not going to have to be beholden to a committee for our livelihood.

Rick has an interview with a nearby distribution plant this week. The postal job he has had for the past year and a half just doesn't have a chance of becoming more than the merest part-time in the foreseeable future, thanks to the retarded way the USPS runs things (yeah, we want government doing health care, too). We've just GOT to have another full-time income or we won't make it.

And I know that it'll all work out in the way it's supposed to.

Life with her is unbearably hard right now. Just so you know. I'm not sure how much longer any of us can last like this.

And I still know that it'll all work out in the way it's supposed to. And it's definitely not boring.

Let's see... according to BlogDog, the entire phrase goes something like, "May you live in interesting times and come to the attention of important people." Hmmm... important people... that could mean a lot of different things.

I have often said that if my mugshot hasn't been flashed on The Smoking Gun today, then I'm having a good day so far. By that criteria, today was good... because even though she screamed at me to go to hell, told me she wished I were dead, and told me repeatedly that I am NOT her mother, I did not lose my temper... thus, I did not end up with my mugshot on The Smoking Gun.

We must find the silver lining, no?

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