Thursday, October 16, 2008

Massachusetts is backwards and messed up

Police arrest man for killing a skwerl and cooking it for dinner

LOWELL -- Police say a Lowell man is facing charges after admitting to police that he chased and caught a squirrel in the backyard of his Walker Street home, bashed it to death against a tree, and then began cooking it with a torch, police said.

Police were called to 416 Walker St., yesterday at 3:36 p.m., after someone called police and reported that a man was killing a squirrel with a blowtorch, police said.

Officers said they arrived and found Odum Chaloeurn, 48, who lives in the home, in his backyard, with a dead squirrel in a makeshift fireplace.

Chaloeurn told police the caller was wrong.

He said he had chased and caught the squirrel himself, then swung it by its tail, smashing it against a tree until it was dead, police said.

He then began cooking the squirrel with a blowtorch, because he planned to eat it, police said.

Chaloeurn was charged with animal cruelty, and was expected to be released on bail last night.

And they can't even leave a guy to eat a meal in peace. Puhleeze. Whadda buncha commies.

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