Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Small confession

I did something at the college tonight that was just the teeniest bit mean.

Yes, I should be learning my lesson from recent mistakes. But this opportunity presented itself like a juicy ribeye steak fresh out of the broiler and I could NOT refrain.

There is one student in my remedial English class who has been nothing short of obnoxious for the entire duration of the class. He farts and belches openly with no regard for those of us around him. He blathers on about nonsensical stuff. And when I call on him to answer a question, he has to scramble around and ask those around him where we are in the book because he never NEVER takes notes or follows the lecture. Not EVER. Never even turns anything in. I can't imagine why he even bothers to come except that he must get some sick charge out of being obnoxious. He certainly has no chance of actually passing the class.

Tonight he was in fine form, stiffing those sitting at his table by refusing to contribute to the group work I assigned. Instead, he leaned back in his chair and dozed off.

It just so happened that it was at the end of class. When I finished the lesson, I said, "Okay, let's be done. Good night." Everyone arose from their seat and exited the classroom... except for Obnoxious Ogden (not his real name). He was still asleep. I waited for a moment, and a couple of students glanced nervously at me as they left the room, almost as if to ask if they should bother. Everyone hates him, though, so no-one volunteered. I took one last look at him, leaned back in his chair, snoozing peacefully, then turned off the lights in the room and shut the door.

Might as well let sleeping jackasses lie, right?

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