Wednesday, September 03, 2008

One lil' tidbit before I go to bed

Our school district is currently without a superintendent. The former one left right before school started. One of our other administrators has stepped in to fulfill the position for the interim (and she stresses that it is INTERIM because we all love her dearly and wish she would just go ahead and be the superintendent even though she hates it).

She knows her limitations, however, and requested that the district also hire a consultant to help guide her through the morass that is our beloved school district's finances. The fellow they hired is a local guy who also happens to consult with school districts all over our area with regard to money. A lot of people know him and he has been doing what he does for at least a couple of decades.

I didn't figure I'd ever hear from him, since I'm about the furthest thing from an accountant's mind -- particularly since I haven't even submitted a single purchase order this year yet. He spoke to us as a group during the hellish Teacher's Meeting Week, and he seemed very bookish, soft-spoken and a little shy. Just what you might think a green-eyeshade accountant-type might be like.

So imagine my bewilderment when I found a personal (read: actually to ME) e-mail from him in my Inbox at school the other day.

The gist of it was that he had seen a LOT of yearbooks but that the one we did last year was absolutely the best yearbook he had ever seen in any district he'd ever been in. The dude ACTUALLY TOOK TIME to write me a personal e-mail about the yearbook!

And he CC'd it to all my bosses.

If he was hoping for my eternal and undying love -- and slavish devotion -- he now has it. I'm such a sucker for geeky types.

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