Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Soggy sog sog

No complaints, really... we sure did need this rain. Plus, it makes a LOT of roofline quirks more readily apparent! Rick now knows exactly where things drain and where things need to be fixed ASAP.

I still hate meetings. We didn't have to sit through any today, since they gave us a day to work in our rooms, but tomorrow there are lots more super-boring irritating stupid state-mandated torture sessions on the schedule. Blech!!

I haven't taken a single picture. What is wrong with me? I think I'm just overwhelmed with so much to do that I'm not particularly inspired to photograph any of it. I should, though, so that when I get discouraged that we're not making any progress, I can remind myself of where it all began.

It appears that I will be teaching a college-prep English class at the local community college in nearby Gainesville (TX, not FL). I am actually kind-of excited about this. First of all, it's a once-a-week evening class that's three hours long, so it's not a huge time commitment. Second, it's a little extra $$ that is very VERY much needed. I don't have a master's, so I can't actually teach a college-level class, but their college-prep department doesn't require a master's because it's a class that catches people up enough to handle a real college English class. We hope.

Any-hoo, they use a specific curriculum, so there's very little for me to come up with. Should be an interesting experience, at any rate.

**********WARNING: ANGRY RANT TO FOLLOW**********

I just went out and bought the school-supply lists for two of my three children. EVERY SINGLE YEAR this is an issue -- the teachers request portfolio folders in six different colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) and these portfolios MUST HAVE pockets AND brads. It never fails, though, that Wal-Mart has absolutely scads and scads of portfolios with POCKETS and a few with BRADS but absolutely NONE with pockets AND brads. I actually pegged my irate-o-meter in the aisle at the store, because I knew that this meant I'd have to drive to Sherman or Denton to find the d@m things and that I may not be able to find them there either. And I couldn't swear, even under my breath, because Martha was with me.

Why can't Wal-Mart just get rid of the stupid pocket portfolios that clutter up a whole school-supply aisle by themselves and ORDER MORE OF THE COMBINATION ONES? Particularly when Wal-Mart is the ONLY PLACE IN THIS ENTIRE STUPID HICK TOWN THAT SELLS SCHOOL SUPPLIES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

<kicking and screaming>


No, I don't feel any better, because I still don't have the d@m portfolios with POCKETS AND BRADS.

I hate school supplies. And I know that they need them, because I'm on the other end of the issue making out a school supply list to hand to all my art students on their first day of class, and I know that all the parents are going to hate me with a white-hot hate when they get it. But the district can't give me any budget money this year, so I don't really have a choice.


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