Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pictures of the inside of the house

Before all the junk got moved into the new house, I took some pictures. You can go see them on my Facebook profile if you're interested. I don't have time to resize them for the blog right at this moment.

UPDATE: Resized and uploaded for your viewing enjoyment!

The kitchen

The dining room

The entryway

The master bedroom

We slept there last night and it wasn't too bad. We opened all the windows and let the fans blow the breezes through. Very, very pleasant. I think I'm going to like living there... particularly once we get Nortex to come wire up our interwebz.

Funny thing, though -- we brought the animals over last night and Dude refused to come out of the pet carrier all night and most of the day. I brought him out for a little while, and he did the smell-smell-smell-smell-smell-smell-smell thing everywhere, but then I carried him back to the food dishes and the litterbox and he went back into the carrier on his own. I think the house must've had big dogs or lots of cats or something, because he is officially FREEKED. He'll eventually come out when he's hungry, I'm guessing.

If y'all are driving south on I-35 and you'll be coming through north Texas, let me know and I'll stir up a pitcher of lemonade or something for youz! We're a block from the interstate and super-easy to find.

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