Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bleeding heart neighbors

If I lived next door to this woman, I might just have to set her straight:

Woman Saves 150 Squirrels From Fay's Floodwaters
One Altamonte Springs woman turned her home into a shelter for the animals. She had 150 squirrels in her kitchen. The animals were found in puddles of water after Fay's strong wind forced them from treetops.

It's one thing to care for stranded people, but A HUNDRED AND FIFTY SKWERLS? You gotta be joking. Can you imagine what this woman's kitchen must've looked like after the terizt rodentz got finished with it?

If I had a hundred and fifty skwerls in MY kitchen, they would durn sure be in my Crockpot stewing slowly in red wine with some sliced onions and garlic.

Florida had the chance to be rid of A HUNDRED AND FIFTY of these vile pests, but noooooo -- Mary Jane Eisner had to go and foul up THAT golden opportunity.


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