Monday, July 07, 2008

Weird couture

I haven't shared any goofy runway stuff in a while, so here goes.

First up, we have three samples of Jean Paul Gaultier's Fall 2009 collection:

The Cruella DeVil scorpion lifts her tail and prepares to get all stabby on some unsuspecting photographer...

No, dahling... the hoops go INSIDE the skirt. Or maybe we have the Slinky wedding veil?

Surrounded by a cage of pythons? Or maybe Gaultier was inspired by that craft project where you wrap a balloon with glue-soaked yarn and then pop the balloon after the yarn dries? I got nuthin here.

Next up, a couple of Spanish designer Josep Font's creations:

I know this may sound bizarre, but I like the patterned stocking/legging thing. And I get the idea of springboarding from the traditional Spain costume. I don't care for the two separate textures being such disparate colors as well. If you're going to put the patterned stockings and the lacy dress together, make them in a more compatible color palette. But I'm not a big-time fashion designer, so what do I know?

I also don't wear a rose beehive on my head. But I digress.

This one's just, well, indescribable. She appears to be wearing a giant red challah loaf -- or maybe an elephant's large intestine -- around her shoulders. The pink things remind me of those little bag things inside an old Coleman camp lantern:

Sorbier made a nifty coat out of fashion magazines. That's actually kinda cool, but why the hijab?

Just looking at this Tisci outfit triggers a migraine for me:

Okay, when I said I liked the patterned stockings, I did NOT mean that one should walk around looking as though she's been crawling around on the floor of a glitter factory. Udo Edling had some classy-looking stuff, but I can live without the weird pantyhose:

Actually, I don't get this at all. Is that some kind of knee-length legging thing? Just looks like dirty knees to me.

Anyhow, that's all I've got for now.

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