Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Passably decent ready-to-eat Indian food

I first bought these at a Target grocery store, thinking perhaps they would be mashed-up enough not to cause me trouble... and boy, was I right. They are both fantastic and just exactly the right amount for a lunch.

Of course, there's no way any pre-packaged, ready-to-eat food could possibly be as good as that served at a good Indian restaurant or home-cooked by your Indian neighbors... but it IS quite decent. So decent that I ordered some more from Amazon, which carries the Kitchens of India brands online.

They arrived yesterday, so today we gave them a try again. Definitely good eats. And I was surprised to find that each package has one of four sampler CDs of Indian instrumental music!!! That obviously means, though, since I bought a 12-pack of each, I will have quite a few extras... but I thought it was a really nice little unexpected benny.

There will be quite a few weeks after my surgery next Tuesday in which I will still be limited to liquids and soft foods while my re-built tummy heals properly. If I had a dollar for every time someone suggests baby food, I'd be independently wealthy -- and if I actually ATE baby food, I'd probably gag. Have any of you ever actually eaten baby food? I suppose if you like completely tasteless food, it's a safe bet, but for those of us who like our eats spicy, we're out of luck on the puree front. These, however, have a very soft and homogeneous consistency AND a nice bite as well. Normal people will want to put it over white rice and combine it with chicken tikka masala or something like that... but they're great as a whole meal for folks like me.

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