Tuesday, June 24, 2008

News roundup

Just stuff I thought was interesting:

Idiot Parent of the Year
From the day they were weaned, Bertie and Lizzie had never eaten meat, fish or dairy foods - except a slice of raw goat's cheese once a month.

'I'd heard about the raw food diet through a friend and thought it sounded like a really healthy thing to do,' says Holly, 45.

But then I started noticing that something wasn't right. The children were wearing clothes two sizes smaller than they should have been.

Money, money, money, money... MONET
Claude Monet's painting "Le Bassin aux Nympheas" sold for 40.9 million pounds (51.7 million euros, 80.5 million dollars) at an auction in London on Tuesday, smashing the previous record auction price for the artist's work.

Even the cops are trying to get out
Dozens of law enforcement agents and business owners from across the border in Ciudad Juárez are seeking political asylum here, or moving to other Texas cities, including Dallas, a situation that underscores the escalating drug war and its widening impact on families, government officials and humanitarian groups say.

What Would Chicks Drive?
Because it's been the No. 1 woman-dominated vehicle for years, the automotive press has long maligned the VW Beetle for being the quintessential "chick car." To be fair, the flower vase on the dash does give this impression. But since its arrival in May, the VW Tiguan has taken over the No. 1 position, making it the ultimate in estrogen-based car buying.

They have lawns at the North Pole?
Alaska State Troopers used lights and sirens to apprehend a North Pole man suspected of driving under the influence after he allegedly led them on a slow-speed chase that covered several lawns.

The 20-year-old man was on a riding mower. Sunday's pursuit lasted about 200 feet and reached speeds of up to 5 mph before a trooper got out of a cruiser and told the man to stop.

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