Monday, June 02, 2008

Finding fun at home

Since we can't afford to actually GO anywhere anymore, thanks to the price of gasoline, we're going to have to find things to enjoy about being right here. The following photographs were ones I could take right from my front porch this afternoon.

This is a crinum lily that's just starting to open up.

Mommy House Finch really really really wanted to sit on her eggs, but I kept sitting there on the porch, so she just couldn't bring herself to settle down.

This teeny-tiny wasp came and sat on the porch railing. I have no idea what species of Hymenoptera it is, but it was very "flick-y" and quite small. Not as small as a Trichogramma, I don't think, but smaller than the paper wasps I had to blast with pesticide this afternoon.

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