Friday, May 30, 2008


We iz all done, folks. Well, almost. Rick and I will go up to my classroom tomorrow morning to box up everything so the maintenance peeps can move them around while they do, well, maintenance stuff. Then tomorrow afternoon at 2PM is Graduation, at which I will be playing the perfunctory Pompous Circumstance... I wonder what Elgar would think of the ubiquity of his little piece today?

I'm plumb tarred, though. Gimme a couple of days to put my brain on.

Since my surgery isn't scheduled for a long while, I may try to go get an evening job somewhere, just so -- as Rick so wisely told me -- I will have the regular opportunity to distance myself from The Children. Of course, you could shorten that to The Child and it would be more accurate.

Y'all pray for me. This could be a Hard Summer.

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