Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The job's not over 'til the paperwork's done

And the paperwork is DONE. I had my last visit to the surgeon's office today with all the requisite forms and assorted other crap required by the insurance company. Assuming they'll now approve my corrective surgery within a couple of weeks or so, I hope to be looking at an early June date to go under the knife YET AGAIN. I really hate surgery. I really do. After the last go-round, I swore I was never EVER letting anyone cut on me again... and I guarantee you that if I weren't truly miserable, I wouldn't do this. Recovering from being sliced stem-to-stern is unpleasant, to put it very mildly. Last time I wanted to die. And that was eleven years ago. I was younger and less crotchety back then.

Any-hoo, watch this space for (I hope I hope I hope) the good news of my insurance approval...

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