Wednesday, May 07, 2008

At least he died happy...

In the stairwell of the Choctaw County Courthouse in Hugo, Oklahoma:

I first saw this when I was in the ninth grade at Hugo High School (way back in 1981) and we went on a field trip to the courthouse. Pat Prock, one of the boys in my class, pointed at it and guffawed, so we all looked at it and had a laugh.

Recently my sister reminded me of its existence and wondered if I had a photograph of it to send her; she had told her co-workers and they couldn't believe something like this actually existed. I hunted all over the internet and searched through Flickr, but found no photographic evidence of it. There was a news article containing a brief reference to it, but no picture.

This just screamed for intervention...

Since I was heading back in that general direction for my orthopedic doc appointment, I took a brief detour across the Red River into Oklahoma to grab a picture of this bizarre memorial.

Next week I'll be in the area for two different days, so I'm hoping to go back to Hugo and take some photographs of the circus cemetery.

No, I'm not kidding. Hugo is a wintering ground for a circus, and they actually have their own cemetery.

Watch this space.

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