Sunday, May 25, 2008


Recently I spent time with an adult --I had assumed this person was educated, but now I'm not so sure-- who kept referring to Baccalaureate as "Backy-lory-ate"... and now I'm afraid I will never be able to think of it any other way.

This afternoon was the Baccalaureate ceremony thingy for the Ballyhoo High Screwel graduating class of 2008. I was asked to play the recessional; the moms who organized it decided to play Whitney Houston's "The Greatest Love of All" for the processional. [shudder]

I knew I could do better than that. Of course, I could've played something solemn and classical, but that would've meant ZERO to any of those kids... even less meaningful than Whitney Houston. And they DID tell me I could play whatever I wanted (what if that had been "Pour Some Sugar On Me"?) (but I thought better of that)... So as soon as the benedictory prayer was made, I broke into Five For Fighting's "100 Years".

It was perfect. :)

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