Friday, April 04, 2008

Food heaven

Tonight I sliced up three Delmonico ribeyes into stew-cubes. I know, I know... that's what stew-meat is for, right? But stew chunks never cook up tender enough for me to eat, even when they've slow-cooked for hours. Anyway, we never get to eat this kind of stuff because, well, Delmonicos are not cheap. And we're into cheap.

After I cubed the steaks, I put them into a container and coated them with some Patak's Hot Curry paste. Okay, a LOT of hot curry paste. I don't believe in holding back.

A little later we cooked up some jasmine Basmati rice and had the house smelling so good we could hardly stand it.

Finally, the chance to use the Nutiva coconut oil that arrived a few days ago... I put a couple of spoon-blobs into a hot skillet, then dumped in the container of meat that had been marinating for a couple of hours in hot curry paste.

After the cubes were browned, I poured in a can of coconut milk, stirred it around for a few minutes, then took the skillet off the heat.

I poured lashings of the meat and coconut gravy mixture onto the jasmine Basmati rice.




Heaven. Pure, rich heaven. Smooth, just faintly sweet-ish, and spicy hot... all at the same time. I'm telling you, the marriage of hot curry and coconut milk is like Food Nirvana to me. I had it for the first time last summer, and every time I make it, I marvel at it.

No, it isn't liquid. I do allow myself to take chances on weekends or at home, where I have rapid access to my own bathroom if I need it. The Delmonicos are so buttery-tender, though, that if I go very, very slowly, I can actually eat them.

One of the main issues with my closed-up stomach is that most of the eating we do as humans is on the fly, on the go, and must occur within a specific limited time. Lunch at school is thirty minutes for me. I can't eat anything solid in thirty minutes and have any expectation that it will stay down. Hence, the liquid diet.

After that meal tonight, though, I may not have to eat much of anything for a day or two. Wow.

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