Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

I went to Ballyhoo's first baseball game of the season this afternoon to take some pictures and enjoy a little sunshine. We're not known for baseball; last year I think most of the games were double-digits to zero. We got a new baseball coach, however, and a fairly new crop of boys on the team. The game was still a shutout, but it was against the best team in the district AND we held them run-less for several innings in a row.

Hey, ya gotta start somewhere, no?

I sat next to the Athletic Director and another coach; they both seemed genuinely impressed that I showed up and made the comment that I have done a spectacular job of covering all the athletic events.

I know that the coaching staff is usually not hugely popular with the rest of the teachers, and I can understand why, but I'm not here to push any agendas. I'm here to teach art and I'm here to chronicle this school year as accurately as I can within the pages of the yearbook. The more supportive I can be to ALL the school's activites, the better the yearbook will be.

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