Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hemp powder, part deux

Wow... I had read about Mr. Roulac and his work with hemp; what a surprise to hear from him in person.

I have really enjoyed mixing the Nutiva hemp protein powder into mashed potatoes. MPs are one of the few things I can eat nowadays without puking, but alone they don't have much protein. Mixed with hemp powder, they're not bad... and because I made a large quantity the other day, I can now say that the flavor and texture have definitely improved over a couple of days in the fridge. The grittiness is almost completely gone. In its place, a very distinctly nutty flavor has arisen, almost as if it just needed to "bloom" in the mixture for a couple of days first.

I will be trying the smoothie recipes that Mr. Roulac referred me to on Nutiva's web site, but truth be told, I'm just not that into the sweet stuff. I was glad to see that heating/cooking with the powder doesn't degrade the nutritional value; I will definitely start adding this powder to soup (since that's the other thing I can eat fairly safely). There's also a guacamole recipe and a pesto recipe on the site that sounded exceptionally tasty.

The one question I had about Nutiva that wasn't answered anywhere on the site that I could find: How is "Nutiva" pronounced? Is it "nuh TEE vuh" or "NEW tih vuh" or "new TEE vuh" or even "NUH tih vuh"?

I will very likely be ordering Nutiva's shelled hempseed, hemp oil, and even coconut oil in the near future. This stuff is very, very promising.

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