Thursday, March 06, 2008

Snow Day!

The snow was so monstrous today, I knew there was no way we'd have school tomorrow. I've never seen so many cars in the ditches in my LIFE.

They let school out at 1PM but should've turned out two hours earlier. By the time 1PM rolled around, there was already six inches of deep wet snowball-snow.

The buses took three times longer than normal to do their routes, so lots of kids actually got home at the normal time anyway. That certainly happened to us; since Alice travels by bus to Seven-Miles-Away School, we had to wait for said Short Bus to arrive. We waited until FOUR O'CLOCK... which is exactly when I get to leave on a normal day.

Count that up -- it means we waited at school for three hours... me, my bipolar daughter who does not deal with unexpected situations well and who flies into hate-spewing rages at the slightest provocation, and my son with the Alex Trebek vocabulary who cannot be quiet to save his life.

I'm grateful for my iPod and for whoever invented audiobooks. We listened to part of a Harry Potter book (#3), which kept the grousing and/or pontificating to about once every two or three minutes.

It really is amazing to me how mostly normal individuals seem to lose their minds when it's snowy/icy out. They act as if the world is a completely different place, where the laws of physics no longer apply. "Umm, pardon me, but you can't stop on a hill or you won't get going again." Or how about "You need to tap the brakes a good ways away from the intersection before attempting to turn."

I'm thankful we made it safely home across the gazillion lake bridges this afternoon. I just got the official "School's cancelled tomorrow" phone call, which means No Alarm Clock Tomorrow Morning.


PS: And the satellite's back on. This portends well for the morrow.

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