Thursday, November 01, 2007


By request, here are a couple of pix from Spirit Days.

This week, we play our nearest neighbor. Since they're seven miles away, we call this matchup the "Seven Mile War" and the Spirit Day for this week is always Camo Day.

I didn't have any "war" camo, but I knew that my dad had lots of hunting gear, so I borrowed his camo overalls and camo shirt. I borrowed the hat from Rick and used camo-colored ducktape to stick twigs and leaves onto it. Then I used some of my green eye-shadow to create a camo-ish pattern on my face:

The kids always get a kick out of coming to my room to see how I'm dressed each Thursday for Spirit Day. Last Thursday was Pajama Day:

That's me with Mr. Gourley, one of the English teachers.

There. Now that I've humiliated myself on the internet YET AGAIN... [sigh]

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