Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Aren't these beautiful? They came to school from my Aunty Ada today:

My Aunty Oh sent me several items from my Amazon Wish List. I think I probably have the coolest Aunties of anyone on the face of the planet.

JoeMama made me a big pot of lovely potato soup, and bought a scrUMPTIOUS carrot-cake that was so moist I could hardly get the knife through it. It was heavenly stuff.

I've been teaching my eighth-grade classes to macrame this week. They LOVE it:

Hey, BlueFish: I used several of your hemp chokers as the examples for the kids to look at. They really like your work.

I think that next we'll start on something a little more large-scale like a wall hanging or a wide lanyard. I wish we had looms to work on. Maybe someday. I suppose I could also teach them to knit, right RedFish?

Tomorrow is a nail-biter day again. This time I'm being evaluated by the principal. I'm probably going to have reactive diarrhea all day before he comes. I might oughta load up on cheese tonight before I go to bed.

And since I mentioned "bed," I'm awfully sleepy. Goodnight.

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