Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday stuff

Today I met with a couple of reps from Jostens concerning this next year's high school yearbook, which I am co-overseeing. They chatted with me about the process and gave me some very helpful resources to begin reading over, since I'm a total n00b regarding yearbook stuff. I didn't even take yearbook class in school; I was too busy in band and physics and organic chem and Spanish IV and such things, I think. Anyhoo, even though I'm inexperienced, I think I might actually sort-of LIKE doing a yearbook. I hope my tendency toward disorganization doesn't hold me back, though. Although I'm generally not disorganized when it comes to something I actually like.

Isaac is up and around as if nothing at all had happened to him. His voice sounds a tad softer and higher-pitched, but it's almost imperceptible. Other than that, he even decided he didn't need the pain med (Vicodin -- God love that doctor!) this afternoon.

And this afternoon we also talked to a lender about qualifying for an actual *mortgage* (gasp!) even on our currently meager income, and she told us that we actually could be pre-approved for a certain sum. Delighted, we began hunting around on and found a little brick home in need of much TLC but well within the location we were hoping for. It does need quite a bit of interior work, but the asking is so low that it could be possible to get a loan for a few $$ over and use the extra to fix it up a bit. All this is still speculation, however; we've only peeked into the windows (it's totally empty) at this point. But it's more hope than I've had in some time.

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